Lighting Observation 8

  1. 3/25/17, 10:30 PM, On the highway near the western border of New Jersey
  2. A car coming toward me on the highway had its high beams on.
  3. I was driving home from my spring break road trip when I saw a car headed toward me with its high beams on. It was blinding and made it even harder to see the road in the darkness. Being from California, most people have no use for high beams because the freeways are lighted. My roommate had to explain to me that the highways couldn’t be lighted because of the weather and how much upkeep it would require to light highways that were not in metropolitan areas. It was a learning experience, not only about how streets are lighted, but also how annoying it is when people aren’t polite and turn off their high beams when they see people coming toward them.

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