Lighting Observation

  1. Thursday, April 6th, 2017; 2:45pm; Inside the Financial Aid Office Building, South Campus
  2. A dreary day juxtaposed with a brightly lit, white overcast sky.
  3. Since April brings showers, I thought it would be fitting to start April’s first lighting observation with one involving rain.  It fits perfectly with this week’s theme as well, as the light created an almost unreal landscape.  Waiting upstairs in financial aid, I happened to glance out the window to see the campus with a rather dreary disposition; the trees seemed to hang a little lower, and everything seemed to be a bit grayer.  With the rain, it painted the picture of another drab April shower.  But as I looked up, I noticed that the sky provided an interestingly stark contrast to what was down below.  Despite an overcast sky full a clouds, the sun was putting up a valiant fight to make its presence known, and it was succeeding – its bright, indistinct wash created a contrast that made me stare a few seconds longer, intrigued.

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