Lighting Observation

  1. 4/6/17, 6:00 pm, Spiegel Theatre
  2. The stage lights in the Spiegel were off, and only a few of the house lights were on. You could see the lighting through the backdoor of the Spiegel.
  3. The clouds started to get darker, eventually leading to a sudden downpour. I ran into the Spiegel to escape the weather just as another roar of thunder commenced. I walked into a mostly dark space. The onstage lights had been turned off, but there were still some house lights on. It seemed as though the two back rows of the theatre were the only area where light was seen. As I walked down the aisle to get to the front row, I could see a burst of light coming from the side entrance. The lightning could be seen through the window of the side door, illuminating its surroundings. This gave me chills up my spine and almost immediately transformed the space into something more eerie than it previously was.

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