Lighting Observation

Lighting moment 1/29/18: Drama Lounge 2:05pm

         I am in the far back right hand corner of the Drounge. It is mid afternoon and a heavy over cast. The light is coming in from the big window on the back wall. It is a very bright white light. It light is filling the room completely except where the table is and casts a shadow in the middle of the floor. On the other side of the room the doorway is emitting light from the hallway but only reaches halfway into the room. The light is a darker yellow. It mixes with the white light to create a creme color on the white wall. How ever the adjacent wall is just being hit with the bright white light because the door is blocking the yellow light.

          The light gives off a conflicting mood. The dominate white light area gives off a cold (In the sense of unfriendly) mood, while the creme yellow side gives off a friendly, more comfortable mood. It is like a ying and yang symbol. Pending where I was sitting I felt a different mood inside of the lounge.


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  • Ok. Great objective description, I could really imagine the light. You should work on making the subjective description equivalent to that in it’s detail.

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