Lighting Observation #2

  1. February 8, 2018 – 9:30pm- Hofstra University sidewalk between the Playhouse and Calkins
  2. I am walking on the sidewalk in between Calkins Hall and the Adam’s Playhouse. It is completely dark outside. There is silence and not a person to be found. About every 30 feet there is another light post. As you travel closer to the post, the light intensifies, and as I continue walking, the lighting dims. My shadow grew and shrunk as I kept walking.
  3. I was so interested in the growth and shrinkage of my shadow based on the distance of the lighting posts. As I walked closer, the shadow began to shrink until the point where the light was on top of me and I was standing on my shadow. As I moved away, the shadow grew and then disappeared. The mood of my surroundings was chilling. The silence and darkness gave the feeling of darkness and the shadow added to it. Although no one was around, I would feel the presence of my shadow emerging out of nowhere and following me until all of a sudden, it was gone again.

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