Light Observation #6

1) March 7th-7:40 pm-Netherlands Unispan

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There were two rows of lights across the bridge so one could see when crossing it at night. The lights were not all the same color tone however. Some were amber and some were a cool white. Also, the different color of the lights were not in any particular pattern.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: In this moment, the lighting made me literally groan. I was so annoyed that the colors of the lights did not match to each other. Also, because of how the lights where spaced, there was just a circle with no light in between each light for the entire bridge walkway. Therefore, there ended up being big dots of non-patterned colors of lights across the nether-span. This created a very irritating feeling because of how the lights did not match and were not even in a pattern.

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