Light Observation #4

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Tuesday, February 21, 3:53am. My dorm room.

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There are no lights on in my room, but it is illuminated by the glow of the street lights 11 stories below.  The light comes through at such an angle as to cast the shadows from the separations of window panes onto the ceiling in an irregular grid.  In 2 of these grids, Prince Henry, our morning glory, also casts his shadow as he hangs just below the blinds. Prince Henry’s leaves and stem, however, are casting double-shadows. As the heater that lies directly below blows, Henry quivers and sways, naturally making his shadow dance on the ceiling.

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I woke spontaneously, and rolled onto my back. I noticed the shadows from Henry on the ceiling, and then I suddenly felt as if I was being rocked. My head began to spin, and I was in that world between reality and dreams. The shadow seemed alive, pulsing perhaps, but reaching out to me. I was transfixed by the shadows, but it took me quite a few seconds to realize that all of this was the case because the source of the shadow was moving. Then I was brought firmly back to reality. I looked, saw the heater on, refocused on the shadows. The double shadow intensified the feeling of other-worldliness, but now, my eyes couldn’t be fooled and I watched the shadows dance and tried to get back to the sheerly emotional response I began with.

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