Photo Observation #4: Night Life

THEME: Night Life

DESCRIPTION: Life never stops no matter where you are. Deer graze, roosters crow, people move, dream, wake from their sleep. With this kind of life in the night, however, it often seems like life does stop. In rural Northern New York, you have to drive for miles to even see a streetlight. The two stoplights in the area continue to glow their same red and orange. ┬áPast midnight, it’s very unlikely that you’ll see other cars unless you’re traveling a good distance. ┬áThe soft, orange glow that is so recognizable as streetlights reminds me that there is enough life, enough movement to warrant that lighting. The lights from the windows of the building remind me that others are stirring. I am not the only one up, not the only active participant in life. Those stoplights change; there is enough traffic to warrant it. Other people are right there, living. Funny how such a dull light can invoke such liveliness.

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