Light Observation #9

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: March 26th, about 11pm, Vander Poel 13th floor lounge side room

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The open lounge rooms on the 13th floor face due West, the lights are off in the side room, and the lights from New York City can be seen rather clearly through the panoramic windows.

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The last couple weeks have been busy and incredibly stressful for me for a variety of reasons.  Just when I think I have a good handle on things, it seems that something new hits or gets remembered or shows up. Quite honestly, the pattern that I’ve seen developing in my life has me incredibly frustrated and I’ve been questioning whether or not I should even be in school, if I should have come to Hofstra, even considering running off to South Korea for 6 months to two years to teach conversational English in rural schools.  I had locked myself out of my room and my roommate was upstairs with her boyfriend, so I ran upstairs to grab her key.  As I stood there chatting for a brief moment, I suddenly noticed the miniature skyline in the distance, and all of the reasons that I am here and all the reasons that I’m happy and that I love being where I am hit me again. Those tiny, sparkling lights in the distance may not have finished any papers or fixed any problems, but they infused me with a little bit of the life they represent and brought a little of that purpose and solidity back to me. I want to be here, I love it here, and I can figure it all out one way or another.

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