Photo Observation #9: Intrigue














Photo By: James Norton

THEME: Intrigue

DESCRIPTION: This picture is the definition of intrigue in visual form.  The dim, amber lighting coming from the unusual and interesting light fixtures create that air of mystery and interest that make you want to learn more about the people and the place.  It’s the perfect spot for lovers: unique ones who love the charm of the exposed brick wall and the taxidermy decorations, young ones who slip into the bar and find a quiet corner booth just to draw out an evening, and the ones who aren’t supposed to be lovers, knowing that such a quirky little place would never draw the attention of their spouses, fiances, or partners.  The bottles seem to emit a low, warm glow, almost like potions calling out for you to sample them and see what unfolds.  And just like this quirky little bar with dim lighting provides cover for covert lovers, it seems as though it just could be the ultimate meeting place of espionage and revolution. And really, who doesn’t want to know why on Earth they decided to make a stuffed antelope head the centerpiece of a bar in San Diego?

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