Lighting Observation #9 – Lee Moore

1. 3,30,2012, 7.00AM, The Batcave in Starship Enterprise

2. The white morning sun shone in through my window, casting a golden glow on the treeline.

3. I am not a morning person. I am quite possibly the opposite of a morning person. I am a morning not-person. I refuse to function in normal human society until I am fully awake. This is one of the reasons I love daylight savings time. Suddenly there is light coming through my window in the morning, helping me to feel like it’s daytime, time to be awake. This morning it is cold again. 40 degrees according to This morning, when I woke up, there was a perfect white light streaming through the 6inch gap between my blinds and the sill. I looked outside and the pale blue sky reminded me that it was still March, cold, quick March, however, as my eyes dropped to the treeline that makes up my horizion, I spotted a golden glow, just on the tops of the trees. That sunshine honey color that drips out of summer. Such a color on my trees brings hope that midday is coming, summer is coming, warmth and color will be back soon.

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