Photo Observation #10 – Tear in the Sky

James Vernacotola took this picture (!i=788299647&k=WUYJx )

THEME: Dealer’s Choice

Description: What you are looking at is the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour in the distance. It is a beautiful site as the launch reflects in the waterway. It looks as if the shuttle tore open the sky. An open gash, revealing loads of light onto the night sky. The bright warm color of the tear compliments the cool color of the moon so well. The sky is lit so much. The moon, rip, and stars are all brightly filling the sky with its beauty. There is no unknown here, nothing is unseen, yet there is still magnificence that exists that never becomes boring to the human eye. Bright colors and lights will always attract the attention of humans. This draws the eye immediately. The rip even uses the horizon as an axis to replicate itself below it. The sky connects with the waterway and creates a pinnacle site of fascination.

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