Light Observation #12 – Hofstra Gala

May 3rd, 8PM, Hofstra Gala

My friends martini began to shine in the ambient light.

I was lucky enough to be invited to Hofstra Gala, the biggest event Hofstra has every year to ensure its scholarship endowment. It was a fun night of dressing fancy and eating food that I wondered why Lackman didnt serve to us normally. Nonetheless, we entered the arena to find it completely changed and transformed. It was beautiful. There were intelligent lights that kept slowly rotating and changing gels. My friend went to get a pink martini and while she was holding it, the light was shining through the glass. The pink concoction began to glow. It seemed so pure and hopeful. It made the martini look more appetizing as well. I think light has a huge influence on food and drink. It can make us hungry or thirsty. Right away, I wanted a martini, which was a problem because it is illegal for me to consume alcoholic beverages at my age. The pink color became alive and started to dance around in her glass. It seemed like something this beautiful cannot be controlled, but there it was, in her martini glass.

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