Photo Observation

Pictures of Moments Tell More than Thousand Words. (1)

Photographer – Zilvinas Valeika

Theme: All of the Feelings

I don’t think this photo even needs a description as to why it fits all of the feelings. This photo could be so many things. Is the dancer the past of the girl in the wheelchair? A dream she gave up on? A hope that she feels paralyzed to pursue? A hope she still holds on to despite it all? I find it interesting that the way the light hits the dancer illuminates her body and highlights the edges of her limbs, lending definition to her pose and yet leaves her face, her identity in shadow. In contrast, the girl in the wheelchair is looking into the light, her face and the one wheel of her chair catch the light as she looks on mostly from the shadows. Also, I can’t figure out why, but I get the sense that these two figures do not occupy the same reality, as though they are separated by time, or one is merely imagined.

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