Photo Observation #12: #allofthefeelings












Unknown photographer, facebook album of sister

THEME: #allofthefeelings

DESCRIPTION: Feelings and I don’t get along. I either don’t have them (preferable) or I have far too many all at once (avoided at all costs).  I rarely get sentimental about anything, I don’t have raving passion for really anything. I’m loud, but I don’t do loud feelings. I kill my pets for money. (Kinda pets, and they’re bovines anyway, sometimes pigs.) Feelings… are just not a topic I like to dwell on. If I have allofthefeelings about anything, it’s well… not happy feelings, one might even say I have ill will towards others at times. While I could have easily found a picture of some traffic, I was trying for a little more optimistic feelings. Which brings me to this picture. Honestly, it’s a crappy picture. Taken in the middle of god-knows-where, obviously at night with that lovely flash, and it would appear to be taken on a camera of somewhat lower quality. All I can really say is this, and you have to know the girl in the picture (ignoring the other girl for the moment) to understand; it isn’t pretty, but it doesn’t have to be pretty to be beautiful. What otherwise would have gone unseen, this little moment of joy and abandon, that makes me so happy to see, was “brought to light” (no pun intended) by that ugly little camera flash.


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