Photo Observation – #allofthefeelings – Lee Moore

2.Photo: Harbor Ducks, but Flickr User ‘Toshio”

3. #allofthefeelings

4. I have lived a lot of places. I have live a lot of lives. I often feel rather homeless. A bit adrift, that one balloon that has escaped the bunch and is floating off without tether.  The place I lived longest, the closest I have to “home” is my former city, Baltimore, Maryland. This photo of the Baltimore harbor is so bittersweet. The overcast sky, pockets of light and dark are my memories of home, This dark, overcast lonely sky makes my harbor beautiful in some ways, just as missing a place makes it more beautiful. The  light shines bright on the water of the harbor, disguising the filth underneath and in the background the bright green of flag-topped federal hill sticks out. The rains in the summer in Baltimore come when it is 85 degrees, the pavement steams, and it is a perfect summer thunderstorm. The kind where you stand outside in marvel of it, until lighting flashes and you have to dash back inside, hair dripping wet.  Everything Is two sided in Baltimore. Everything is both beautiful and ugly, Everything is both light and dark.

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