Light Observation #1

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: When and where you had your lighting “moment”

1/30/13, 4:30PM, Republic Hall Dorm Room

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Simply identify what the light you are talking about is. Describe well enough for someone who is not there to understand what the light is.

About half way into the room there was a short lamp was on a desk. The lamp was on and created a set of concentric circles on the desk, sharing the lamp as their center. The innermost circle, the circle closest to the lamp, was shaded. The light created by the lamp barely brightened that circle. The middle circle was lit. It was bright and entirely lit by the lamp. The last circle was essentially the rest of the room, which also was dark and shaded in comparison to the middle circle and still darker than the inner circle. The circles faded into one another, having blurry edges rather than having sharp, defined edges between them.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This should be a creative and imaginative description of the lighting “moment”. Assign a feeling or emotion to the lighting; find the “poetry” of the moment.

The light was protective. The middle circle was a strong wall, holding at bay the darkness that surrounded the lamp. The darkness was all around, but the light held its ground against the ever-looming foe, protecting the weaker circle light behind it. The darkness was creeping in, and the wall of light was partially compromised at its furthest edge, but there was still a ring of space between the rest of the room and the inner circle.

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