Photo Observation #1: Sunrise/Sunset

Cadillac Mountain Sunset

This photo was uploaded on by user Greg from Maine.

Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

As the sun sets behind the mountains, a massive rainbow is cast parallel with the horizon establishing a feeling of serenity. The sunset begins to cast purple shadows against the trees, letting all of us know that the day has ended and it is time to rest. The oranges and yellows in the background are the memories of the day’s past and the moon sits high in the sky ready to light the coming darkness of the night. The light from the sunset paints a picture for it’s audience.  It is vivid without being overpowering. None of the hues are harsh or overwhelming. In contrast, the all fit together purposefully. It’s a calming beauty that comes with the sigh of relief when the day is over. I especially enjoy the effect of light in this photo because it makes me think of summer nights when I was a kid. My favorite part of the day was the sunset. I would recall what I did that day and smile because all the happiness of the day did not end abruptly and quickly, but in a celebration of light and colors across the sky.

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