Light Observation #5 – I’m pretty sure my professor is an alien.

1) 2/22/13, 10:31am, Sound Class, Lowe 201

2) Nic was struggling to play his whale sounds, and Rych was attempting to provide entertainment during the awkward moment. Nic switched the projector from his computer to the blue screen that comes when there is no signal, and the light bounced off the projector screen. Rych began to glow.

3) The projector beamed blue light at the screen. At first, this seemed normal. Then, Rych, who was sitting near the wall a couple feet from the screen, began to glow a strange blue hue. Perhaps I just had not gotten enough sleep, but it seemed as though Rych was being beamed down from a space ship. The wall behind him glowed a brighter blue, and he honestly looked a little sickly. It was strange to me that the light wasn’t being projected at him, but at the screen, and yet was glowing. I have deduced that the blue projector was simply a coverup because my professor is an alien.

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