Photo Observation: Night Life


2) Taken from (photographer name unknown)

3) Theme: Night Life

4) When I think of Nightlife I always think of New York and how it is called the city that never sleeps so there is always something going on at night.  This picture is taken from NJ and shows just how bright NYC is at night.  It shines like a beacon calling everyone to come and enjoy the excitement and energy that NYC has to offer.  The brightness and sheer size of this city that never sleeps is energizing and allows any type of night person to do something; whether it be partying, going to a show/movie, or simply putting down the shades and sleeping with the noise in the background.  The yellow and bright glow of the city lights up the sky and even people across state-lines and even in the sky see this city and its liveliness at all times during the day.

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