Light Observation #5

1) 2/28/13, 9:08PM, Adams Playhouse

2) A light from the first electric is on, lighting the stage for the sake of rehearsal. Looking at it, it looks as though small, thin rays are emitting from its center. As I begin to squint, the rays get larger and longer and also bend to create rays that look curved. I look away only to realize I have those splotches that now take up a small portion of my gaze, which I believe are afterimages of the light.

3) The light is emitting a distinct majesty from it. It is bright and powerful, yet small in scale. It’s insulted by my staring at it. As I attempt to close my eyes to it, to retreat from its power, it only extends further, not finished with me yet. Its power and majesty increase, bending its way through more of my field of vision, until my eyes are finally relieved of its shining force. Its power, however, cannot be escape. It scars my eyes momentarily. Whether opened or closed, my eyes still see its image, reminding me of its power over my vision should I insult it again by looking at it directly.

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