Photo Observation #5

  1. fireflies-at-night
  2. Photo found at
  3. Theme: Nightlife
  4. Most people think of clubs: neon lights and strobe, with alcohol and hip hop,  when they hear the term “nightlife”. I think of summer nights outside, just after the suns gone down. When I was a kid, I would lay outside in the back yard and gaze at the fireflies as they weaved their way in and out of the trees and bushes. They would dance across the night sky, orchestrating a beautiful composition of yellow lights. It was a magical surreal moment I looked forward to every night when the sun began to go down. The fireflies are the epitome of pure life. They do not rely on loud music, alcohol, or extravagant light shows to enjoy the night, they simply shine their own light capturing the same excitement and adrenaline one gets while out on the town, except they, unlike the latter, are genuine. This picture captures their beauty and exuberance, creating my version of what night life is.

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