virtual light lab assignment

1) Fall Sunset on Venus


Lighting: Top Cyc Lights: G930full. Bottom Cyc Lights: Re226 full, Re119  full. People dancing lights: G845 (50%, 45 degrees front light), L007 (25%, 60 degrees front), L085 (Full, Back lighting 80 degrees), Lo26 (50%, Foot lighting 45 degrees stage left), Ap8250 (75%, Foot lighting 90 degrees), Ap7850 (75%, Foot lighting 60 degrees)

I chose these lighting because I think of sunset having a direction coming over the horizon and also I think of fall as having a warm sunset as the sun is soon to reflect red on the moon to create the harvest moon.  I felt that on Venus, the warm atmosphere and romantic nature of sunset could be emphasized to the extreme.

2) Spring Sunrise in New England


Lighting: Top Cyc Lights: G515  50%, G470 full. Bottom Cyc Lights:  G1518 full. People: G1516 (25%, 45 degrees side light), Ap2330 (25%, 50 degrees sidelight), Ap4200 (25%, 50 degrees front), AP2200 (25%, 30 degrees front)

I chose to do the lighting this way because I think of sunrise in spring as misty and mysterious because the the earth is still cold so when the sun begins to warm it up, the mist rises and casts grey tones on everything in the early morning.

3) Noon on a Hot Summer Day on Mars


Lighting: Top Cyc Lights: Re182 full, Re164 full, Red full, Red full. Bottom Cyc Lights: L122 50%, Red full, Re159 50%. Person: L322 (30%, 20 degrees front light), Red (50%, 45 degrees front light), Ap1800 (Full, 50% front light), AP8310 (75%, 90 degrees back light)

I chose to do the lights this way because I thought it would be fun to light as if a sci-fi director was directing a movie on Mars and wanted to emphasize the alien nature of the planet and how it is not normal. The red light is signature of Mars so I wanted it to overpower the world.

4) Winter Afternoon on Saturn


Lighting: Top Cyc Lights: L223 25%, G515 50%, L269 50%. Bottom Cyc Lights:  L299 75%, L257 75%, L345 full, L269 75%. Person: AP3400 (75%, 45 degrees side light), AP2030 (Full, 90 degrees top light)

I chose to do the lighting this way because I thought that the world would be snow capped and therefore reflect the cold blue coming from the atmosphere.  I also wanted it to be isolated and cold so I chose cold blues to light the ground.

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