Light Observation 12

1) 4/25/13, 12:15 AMĀ In front of the Emily Lowe quad

2) A pitch black sky. The moon shines through, a small blue ring of sky around it. It looks hazy and fuzzy, almost distorted.

3) Stepping off the unispan I looked up into the sky, wish I was back in Connecticut so I could see at least one star in the night sky. I just saw black. Complete darkness. It was kind of disheartening. I started walking toward Lowe and looked up again right by the quad. Just over the playhouse I saw a sliver of light, but it obstructed. I maneuvered around slightly until I could see it. The moon acting as the only thing in the sky. It wasn’t bright, or happy, or hopeful. It was just there. It was a dull moon, obscured slightly by something that gave it a hazy effect. There wasn’t much emotion to it at all. So why did it stick with me? Because I was expecting to have emotion from it, but didn’t. But then, does lack of emotion count as portraying a feeling? Can you influence someone into feeling nothing? Dull? Flat?

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