Photo Observation #5



3) Dreamlike

4) This image emulates “dreamlike” to me in many ways. Firstly, the neutral coloring of the picture as a whole allows for a suspended reality; real life is much more colorful, especially a scene like this that includes many aspects of nature. The fact that only the umbrella has a vibrant color provides a dreamlike quality. Maybe the umbrella has significance in this dream and/or could be protecting the girl from something she does not want to face. This whole image emulates the feeling of escape to me, which I associate with dreams; daydreaming is an escape in everyday life and dreaming is an escape at night. Also, the blue umbrella is lit to appear as the only tangible part of this image; its very much dreamlike to not be able to fully grasp anything else. In addition to that sense of impalpability, the boat that has the same light as the water offers a ticket to anywhere. Thus, the unpredictability and neutrality of this image embodies the notion of dreamlike.

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