Light Observation 3

1) Feb 9, ~10:00 AM; C. V. Starr Hall

2) Daylight in tinted windows

3) This lighting moment moved along with me, so you’ll have to imagine it. I was walking into C. V. Starr Hall and had just mentally commented on how beautiful and warm the day was. When I entered the building, I took a right turn and walked past the windows. They were lightly tinted a brown/grayish color. I was intrigued by them in some way but I couldn’t figure it out yet, so I filed them away to try to define the ‘lighting moment’ at a later time. My class ended and when I walked out of the building I found it! It wasn’t as naturally dramatic as some lighting; there were no big shadows or silhouettes, but it was still exciting. As I was walking out with a line of people, the doors in front of me were opened and the outside was visible in un-tinted daylight. However, to either side of me, there were doors and windows tinted with the same brownish-gray that I had noticed. The people walking in front of me were visible only by their backs, but I watched them transfer from mostly artificial light to complete daylight. As I said, this moment moved with me because the interesting part of the lighting was that it was moving people– it was propelling them forward to the outside. Moving from one lighting to the next seemed active and eager. I think if we can set up lighting like that onstage, we can create movement that propels the audience’s eyes from one space to the next.

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