Light Observation 5

1) Feb 19, ~5:30 PM; Outside Lowe

2) Dusk lighting in a snowy area

3) I was making a quick trip Bits & Bytes for a break during my 55 in the costume shop. When I left the front doors of Lowe, I noticed that most of the environment, especially the layer of white snow everywhere, had been made blue by the faint lighting of the late day. I remember a very distinct feeling of uneasiness. I knew the objects around me weren’t blue in true light, but if I had taken a screenshot of my sight and picked out their pixels with a water dropper tool they would have been blue. I felt like my eyes were working hard to bring me as much of the truth of the environment as possible. I started wondering if what I was seeing was real or if my eyes were acting like goggles and showing me the world through blue lenses. I also asked myself– if aliens were to come to this planet right now, would they see the same thing I see?

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