Light Observation

Time: Some morning a couple days ago, probably around 11 am

Objective Description: Sunlight hit my jar of liquid marbles, illuminating them and scattering purple light nearby.

Subjective Description: I woke up one morning because it was so bright in my room, even with the blinds closed, that I couldn’t possibly sleep any longer. It was annoying because I wasn’t necessarily ready to get up, but the sight I saw on my windowsill made up for it.

I have a glass jar of purple liquid marbles (those tiny beads that you soak in water and they get bigger; primarily used as a substitute for soil for plants, does anyone actually know what I’m talking about? I’d really appreciate if you at least humored me and pretend you do) sitting on my windowsill. They are clear enough to allow light to pass through, and I happened to notice that the sunlight escaping through the blinds was hitting them in such a way that tiny specks of purple light were thrown all over my windowsill. The marbles were illuminated right down to the bottom of the jar and looked so sparkly and bright. There is nothing like light hitting a translucent surface. I tried to replicate it so I could take a picture, but it seems that the magic of that moment is something that could only be produced organically, which made it even more special.

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