A Lone Light in the Dark


Screen shot 2016-03-18 at 8.49.35 AM






Photo taken by flickr user haukerbald. Found here. Direct link here.


A singular, lone light illuminates a back door down a winding alley. The eerie glow eminating from the singular light source sheds light only on the set of concrete stairs leading onto a street? an alley? You’re not sure because you can’t see it. The late-night-into-early-morning fog creates a hazy atmosphere, filtering the bright white light into something softer (misleading), only sending yet another shiver down your spine as you fumble for your phone, only to discover its battery long dead. Your breath quickens as your mind races, and you begin walking at a brisk pace to go – you don’t know where, you only know you must get away from here.

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