Photo Observation #3

2. Photo: Taken at a fire pit in Chicago by the lake.

3. Theme: Night Life

4. Description: It was a large bonfire surrounded by the darkness of a summer night. There were left over color smoke bombs from a Fourth of July which involved many fireworks over a small lake. These smoke bombs were thrown into the fire to create an artificial flame of blues, purples, and some greens. This resulted in an amazing glow of amber light from the fire as well as those other colors. Illuminating the night around it with sudden heat of light.

Photo Observation #3

Title: Late night in the park

Photo Credits: beanarts on DeviantArt

Theme: Night Life

Description: When I think of my night life I think of my long walks with friends through parks or neighborhoods. The lighting here is beautiful to me and ideal because each streetlamp is lighting the path perfectly. The shadows aren’t ominous but more like shields protecting the lit path.

Light Observation #3

When & Where: February 14th, 2017 / Constitution Hall Room 302

Objective Description: The suns rays were beaming into the dorm room. The light was hitting everything face-front from the window, causing shadows to extend far behind each object. Everything behind a shadow is nearly invisible due to how bright the sun is.

Subjective Description: The scene was intense and arrested my view as the sun shined directly in the dorm. It was as if the suns rays were flooding like water in the room and anything in it’s way were rocks in the stream.

Light Observation #3

1) 2/15/18-2:42 pm- Unispan from North to South Side

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: While walking on the Unispan, most of the light coming in was from the sun from the windows on my right side. In this particular moment, the trees blocked a lot of the sun, causing a silhouette of tree branches made of shadows. At the end of the Unispan I could see an area of full light from the sun as well.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: In this moment, the way the shadows created a lace like effect on the ground caused the simple Unispan to be more eye catching and joyful. This type of lighting was not something I normally saw in the Unispan, which caused this fun feeling. It was also a happy sight to see from the “light at the end of the tunnel” effect from the sun. I was literally walking towards the light, which created this lighthearted mood.

Photo Observation #3

2) The photographer is Isaac loyall. In Washington DC, this photo was taking in one of the metro stations.

3) THEME: Nightlife

4) DESCRIPTION: Whenever I think of nightlife, I think about cities. And how do you get around cities? A subway or metro train. In the photo, the light is only coming from seemingly under the metro train and dimly from inside the train. It gives off a sort of creepy feeling because of how mysterious the train looks. It is mysterious not only because there are no people, but the majority of the picture is dark and scary looking because of the lighting. Having the lighting be dark gives context clues about when one might be at this metro station. When I think about traveling in the city at night, I tend to imagine a dark and slightly creepy train station. The lighting in this photo gives off such feelings.

Photo Observation #3

  1. Patrick Savalle (x)
    Taken October 31, 2004
    Canon EOS-1D Mark II
  2. Nightlife
  3. I really thought this image was a good fit for the nightlife theme because it showed the motion that goes on in many nightclubs/rave scenes. It looks like the lights are jump ropes and thought the way the green drags my eye all around the empty space above the party goers was very cool. Lastly, I enjoyed that even though it looks like there are curved lines with some of the lasers patterns, its an illusion–the implied line is made from the slow shutter speed, capturing the straight laser beam in many points as it oscillates.

Lighting Observation #3

  1. February 15, 2018 – 4:42pm – Hofstra University Estabrook Hall
  2. I was staring out of my window. The whole day has been cloudy and dark. There weren’t any clouds, but a deep fog had covered the sky. I had went back to doing my homework, when all of a sudden, the sunshine finally showed up. It lit up the intramural fields, the coliseum, and the buildings in the distance.
  3. This was an exciting moment. With just the snap of a finger, the sun had enough strength to break through the clouds and cast its light on top of the earth. The team training on the intramural fields were now given strength to fight through their workout, and everything felt hopeful again. The light from the sun beamed off of the coliseum creating hints of gold for all of its surroundings to see. The day had now become so much more joyful.

Photo Observation #3

Title: “Miami Nightlife”

Photo Credits: BBC’s “A Guide to Miami Nightlife”

Location: Miami, Florida

Theme: Nightlife

There are amazing lighting qualities incorporated into this picture. The sunset above Ocean Drive is a mixture of different shades of blue and purple, and the hotels and restaurants all have their names lit up in neon blue and orange lights. The speed of the cars traveling on the street next to these restaurants is fast enough to make the cars turn into a blur and their headlights to create almost a horizontal line of a yellow/white light. Like New York City, Miami is a place where even in the nighttime, the city streets themselves look as if it’s daytime, but when you look at the sky, it’s dark. This picture shows how the buildings here have an old fashion architecture (early 1900s), but their lighting has helped to keep this city as one of the most popular places in the United States due to a series of modern lighting designs.


Lighting Observation 2- Tiffany

  1. Date: Thursday, February 8 Time: 11:30 pm Location: Hague room 311 lounge
  2. There is ambient light spilling into the otherwise dark room.  Through a window, there is faint peachy pink light, presumably from a nearby light.  Under a door, there is some yellow-ish white light, and from the open door of the bathroom, there is some light spilling out, just enough for someone so they don’t run into anything.
  3. The faint ambient light creates an isolating feeling, while still enough to function, the light nearly casts the room entirely in shadows.  The light from the window casts on the wall to highlight some posters and shines through a tree to create dancing shadows on the other wall.

Photo Observation #2

Title: Shadows Over Central Park

Photo Credits: William Carson Jr.


Theme: Shadows

Description: Central Park is an enormous lush and green square right in the middle of Manhattan, yet the towers surrounding it are still able cast their shadow over it. This picture to me is breathtaking in just how much these skyscrapers seem to loom over Central Park. In one way, it’s ominous. It serves as a reminder of how “big industry” can take over and threaten nature. However, this reminds me of how at peace I feel when protected by the shade on a hot day. The towers aren’t intimidating but instead protecting me from the suns harsh rays, along with any other creature native to the park.