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Photo Observation #6

2) This photo was taken by my sister in fall of 2015, some time just before 5pm because that is when Tinkerbell starts to get antsy for dinner which she gets at 5pm.

3)Theme: Happy

4) Pretty much any photo of a dog is a great photo, but this one especially evokes happy feelings for me because this is my dog, Tinkerbell. My family recently moved out of this house and so seeing my dog in the house that I mainly grew up in is a happy sight. That lighting at that time of day is so specific, its the first time we really turn the kitchen light on, because that part of the house only gets morning sun. Tinkerbell can tell when it’s almost 5, because she starts growling and pestering whoever is in the room. If we have left her bowl out from her breakfast she will tap on it and make it ring. This is what she was doing in the photo, to the point where she managed to flip her bowl over. I also love the way the natural light puts that glint on her eye while the warmth of the kitchen light shows the warm color of her eyes.