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Light Observation #2

1. 6:50 AM, February 2nd 2014. 9th floor, Alliance Hall.

2. The dense fog outside the window and the lights of the buildings and parking lot.

3. As I opened the window blinds in my dorm room, I saw nothing but the cold mist filling the morning air and blocking the view. The window that gave me a great view of the sunset the day before has suddenly become a magic mirror with the ominous gradation of color changing from pink and purple to blue and white. I could see the faint warm lights of the buildings outside floating like spirits and fairies. The mysterious sight reminded me of the Stephen King horror film, The Mist, and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Feeling a little frightened, I closed the blinds again.

Photo Observation #1


1) 4:37 PM, December 30th 2013. Photo taken by me from the backseat of a car while driving near Mt. Fuji.

2) Sunset

3) As the road gets darker by the minute, the blinding rays of sunlight pours into the car brightening up the place as if it is wringing out the last bit of energy before disappearing. In contrast to the cloudy sky and blurred silhouette of mountains in the right window, the setting sun is not only bright and powerful but also serene like the moment of silence.

Light Observation #1

1. 21:40 PM, January 28th 2014. The parking lot, North Campus, Hofstra University.

2. Streetlight in the parking lot.

3. As I walked through the parking lot in the middle of the night carrying my things from my old room to the new one, my face and ears hurt from the cold air. Everything around me including my blue suitcase looked colorless and yellowish like in the tunnels because of the orange streetlight filling up the whole parking lot. The sight was reminiscent of the cold winter in the airports in Europe and reminded me of the childhood with the nostalgia of traveling and being away from home.