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Photo Observation #8: Spooky Moon



This photo was taken by me.

The theme is spooky and it fits this theme because it looks like it could be taken out of a spooky scene from a horror or Halloween film.

The lighting is white and bright like a space alien’s ship coming to abduct someone or that horridly spotless idea of the future that many films attempt to portray. The bright lighting depicted in the animated film Wall-E for inside the space ship where the lazy humans are is similar to this bright moonlight. The light is expansive causing a soft halo to surround it in the night sky. The brightness at night also is spooky because night is meant to be dark in the minds of many. This bright moonlight might peer into a window and wake people up like how the people were wakened up during the Light Riots. The light backlights the tree making it a shadowy silhouette. Moonlight has a history of spookiness with witches flying across it, cows jumping over it, and werewolf’s howling to it; this moonlit picture harkens back to this tradition with the light’s boldness and the silhouetted tree’s bareness. The white light and lingering halo of grey contrast with the night-time blackness like a mysterious power; this starkness and utter lack of an array of colors and stark would be enough to spook a child into hiding under the covers. For all a little child knows, this could be the eye of a huge monster coming to destroy it; and the power (high value) and abundance of this light makes it imposing. The dead, dark world that some might think exists in blackness comes back to life with the bright glow of the moon. However, it is not as alive as day; it is like a half-life or perhaps undead life. After all, in the total dark, one cannot see that the world does not look as alive as the day, but in partial light one can. Thus, the lighting in this picture is spooky as it is a sign that scary things might be out and since it makes things that look bright and alive during the day appear dead, creepy, and unnerving through the limited, bright, far-reaching, and contrasting with the dark surroundings white moonlight.
Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.48.56 AM

Light Observation #5 – I’m pretty sure my professor is an alien.

1) 2/22/13, 10:31am, Sound Class, Lowe 201

2) Nic was struggling to play his whale sounds, and Rych was attempting to provide entertainment during the awkward moment. Nic switched the projector from his computer to the blue screen that comes when there is no signal, and the light bounced off the projector screen. Rych began to glow.

3) The projector beamed blue light at the screen. At first, this seemed normal. Then, Rych, who was sitting near the wall a couple feet from the screen, began to glow a strange blue hue. Perhaps I just had not gotten enough sleep, but it seemed as though Rych was being beamed down from a space ship. The wall behind him glowed a brighter blue, and he honestly looked a little sickly. It was strange to me that the light wasn’t being projected at him, but at the screen, and yet was glowing. I have deduced that the blue projector was simply a coverup because my professor is an alien.

Lighting Observation 12

1)2012-05-03 at 12:30 AM walking across Memorial Quad

2) Blue light from a projector that didn’t get turned off inside Davidson Hall, streaming out of the window and catching the water in the air.

3) The moment you walk out of Emily Lowe you see this unearthly glow emanating from the hall across the grass.  It is the brightest thing in any direction, almost blinding when you get closer and look directly in the window.  The rich blue catches the damp night air and looks like there could be all sorts of alien happenings or top secret experiments inside.   The reflection of the light isn’t particularly noticeable (even if it is damp) and so the fact that you only see it catch the air rather than fall on a particular surface is interesting.


Light Observation #11 – My suitemate is an ALIEN!

0April 25th, 2012 – 3:30AM – South Campus

There was a red light illuminating behind Roosevelt in the sky.

So the one thing I seem to constantly write about in these posts are the lights I see when I cannot sleep and go on walks. They always calm me down and tire me out so when I get back I can fall straight to sleep. I decided instead of walking around North Campus today, to walk around South Campus around all the academic buildings. I started to walk towards Emily Lowe and when I got there I was still energized. I decided to walk around the quad in front of Adams for a bit. This did not make me drowsy at all so I continued on to the quad in front of Roosevelt. It is here where I thought in my hidden exhaustion that I was going to be abducted by aliens. Yes, Aliens! Behind Roosevelt in the sky was an illuminating red light. It was beating at the steady pace of my heart. It filled the sky behind Roosevelt. It was a very solid red and I thought to myself, I am going to be abducted. You see, I saw “The Forth Kind” when it first came out and it was very scary to me. Apparently, aliens only abduct humans at 3:33AM. It was 3:32AM. I just stood there, looking at the beats of red, as they kept beating in the sky. It seemed so perfect behind Roosevelt as well, the perfect backdrop for an abduction. Soon, the light drifted away and I looked at my phone. It was 3:50AM. I had been abducted. No, really! After I got back to my dorm, my suitemate was still awake. I explained to him what happened and then he told me that he saw the light too. It was a police siren. I don’t believe that though. That is what the aliens want me to think. I think my suitemate is an alien. But I know better. It was aliens!