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Photo Observation #6

By: Images Express

This lighting makes the woods warm and inviting to enter. Reminds me of what imagine the woods in Mid Summers Night Dream to be like when the sun is out; blasting through the trees. The amber and orange mix make it look cozy inside as well.

Light Observation #2

  1. 02/07/2018 Outside Alliance Hall late at night.
  2. The burning bright amber cone of a cigarette that has been smoked and is about to go out on the ground. It doesn’t have enough glow to illuminate the area around it. However the light is strong enough to be seen from far away. When there are two both in an ash tray and both just about to go out.
  3. This light is the kind which reminds me of not only bad habits but good times. The idea that some cigarettes can be lit by themselves and be lonely verses the fact that there are two laying together shows that there were two people. It’s the idea or romance that these amber buds of light from sticks of nicotine and chemicals which can kill you can bring two people together. As such whenever I see anything resembling these lights or burning amber I think to romance and smoking.