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Photo Observation #11: Surreal Lighting at the Happiest Place on Earth


I got this photo from a blog about Epcot called Epcot Explorer: .

The theme is surreal.

The lighting is unreal in its color, its angle, its vibrancy. The sky is lit up by lasers like the end of the world or like a mystical portal is opening. The colorful lights are reflected in the water making it resemble a magical river that one might dream up as a child. All of the lighting is fantastical even the bright projected white on the Earth. The water shows the hidden mysteries of lights that are far off and also the pink and green of the globe. The various angles are unusual as the light from the water fountains illustrates since it goes straight up with the water. There are neons, bright magentas, oranges, blues, greens, and white in the color palette of the lights. There are hints of red, yellow, and purple as well. It is like a rainbow but brighter; the lights have a similar feeling of joy in their colors as fireworks and glow sticks. They are spectacular and delightful like a magician show. Clearly, the lights are magical not realistic. Even the sky with the green and blue fading into one another repeatedly in a pattern is mostly intense and vibrant in color and brightness. This brightness is like the pages of children’s picture books and children’s toys in general. Consequently, the lighting is surreal and creates an atmosphere that is playful, reflexive, and dream-like.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.55.33 AM

Light Observation 2 B

1.) 2/11/11- 7:00 am ish- My living room

2.) Amber sunlight streaming through the window onto a painting

3.) Half asleep I stumble upon a sun beam streaming through my living room window, a happy amber alighting petals of silk sunflowers and concentrating on a poetically tragic funeral painting. The usual gray, blue oil paints come alive in the amber sun, the bitter, perpetual chill of snow and sorrow melt away as the warmth and comfort snuggly wrap them in its radiating arms. Meanwhile the artificial light of news tells stories of coldness and tragedy, playing on a loop just shy of the sun’s warmth.