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Photo Observation #10: Dance Inc. Ad


I got this photo from Jaclyn Marie Photography’s blog. (

The theme is Advertisement Model/Desire.

The lighting is mysterious and makes the picture interesting . The figure is lit to emphasis her fabulous arched back position that is elegant like a bird. The light encourages the viewer to appreciate the dancer’s form with its bright and intense limited use of light. The light calls attention to this dancer like they are the star in the night sky. The lighting only shows certain body parts of the dancer; it is selective in its focus. This select focus makes the star image even greater. “Don’t you want to be a star” the lighting and photo call out to the spectator. Thus, the desire in this advertisement is establish through its lighting of a model.

Dance Inc Mock Up


Light Observation 12 B

1.) 5 pm 4/15/11 Trinity Church

2.) Sun breaking through clouds on the side of Trinity Church

3.) Coming out of the subway station on Wall Street I always notice how exquisitely beautiful the garden/grass area of Trinity church is, especially lately as it’s been raining so much. On this day it was especially gray, growse and cloudy but I noticed a small  ray of golden sun shining down on the side of the church. In contrast to the grey light all around from the clouds and nasty weather, it was especially beautiful! It was holy, angelic, pure beauty to behold.