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Living Lights in Content

  1. Location: Sensor Garden, February 9, 2017 at 12:50 p.m.
  2. Objective: At the fountain, the light reflects off of the pool of water. Underneath, shimmering orange-gold and black and white spotted light form koi fishes. Making up the floor of the koi fishes’ home are dark leaves spread across the floor.
  3. Subjective: The light shining onto the water and koi fish represents the happiness and content of life. Despite living in a fountain with a floor of leaves, the fish continue to swim and shimmer the light above. This fulfillment makes me happy for the fish and the simplicity of animals.

Photo Observation #12 – Funny Feelings

Theme: #allofthefeelings

This picture, to me, exhibits all of the feelings. Just from this picture I can get emotions like happiness, sadness, and even maturity. The young puppy is here to replace the older puppy. The young puppy is full of energy and can bring anyone peace, happiness, or success. The cuteness can be felt from the picture. Many pictures of funny animals can be seen as true a picture of a puppy or grown dog. These puppies contain all of the feelings. What may bring love and warmth to one person, may be seen as hyper and dangerous to another. The innocent colors, makes the puppy seem helpless. The natural lighting really reminds me that they are outside, apart of nature. The colors of Spring fill the background telling us the time period, weather, and feelings that go along with this picture. These feelings are funny.