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Lighting Observation 9

Location: My dorm, like 5:30am earlier this week

Objective: I woke up way too early because my phone woke me up when my boyfriend texted me, and the light from my phone was just really bright.

Subjective: Not only was I insanely annoyed that my boyfriend was texting me literally before the sun was even up, the light on m phone was so obnoxiously bright that all I wanted to do was hit the lock button again so I could roll over and go back to sleep, but the phone blinded me temporarily when it lit up bright white light, it took all I had not to throw the stupid phone out the window.

Light Observation

  1. Wednesday in my dorm room at 1:45am.
  2. My roommate spent the night working on an essay and had the bright fluorescent light from her desk on and I couldn’t sleep for the 5th night of that week.
  3. The light was white, bright, harsh, and annoying. I was irritated because not only was it 2am on a Wednesday, but this was the 5th night that week she had kept me up with her shenanigans. If this how the rest of the semester will go, I think I will die.

Lighting Observation #4

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Feb 21st, 12am, my room.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: One of my roommates has her desk light on across the room.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Darkness…almost. One sliver of bright to keep me awake. As I try to drift off I can sense the light from across the room. It bounces from wall to wall crawling up trying to bathe the entire room in light. I’d like to snuff out that light. It’s orange glow keeps me awake as I try my hardest to relax and sleep. Any other time this light would be welcome, would be relaxing but right now there’s only one word for it: annoying.

Light observation

Monday, 1o pm. Location: My dorm overlooking the student center

Objective Orange street light shines through my dirty dorm window. my glasses halo the beam.

subjective: An irritating orange glow shines in my eye. It bounces off of my glasses frame into my eye constantly proving it will not be ignored, despite multiple room configurations- and no the blinds do not block it.  I turn, to confront the light, it stretches out never brighter just more annoying. It highlights how dirty my window is, through no fault of my own its dirty on the outside. I never thought a light could be so annoying.

Light Observation 1

1) February 2nd, 1:35am, window next to my bed

2) The bright orange light is from the street lamp outside my window that happens to be at the perfect height to shine right in my face as I am trying to sleep.

3) As I was laying in bed, ready to fall asleep so that I could get up bright and early at 8am, I noticed that someone had flipped my blinds so that the warm orange light from the street lamp outside the window I sleep next to, making it impossible for me to get some well-deserved shuteye. As I was laying there, feeling annoyed that this was happening, but also too tired to want to fix it, I noticed that there were streams of light that caught the dust I kicked off my blanket that had been sitting on my bed for six weeks during winter break, making the light seem solid, like I could grab it and throw it away so that it would stop bothering me and let me get some sleep.