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Photo Observation #9

2) Carnovsky, Designer (

3) Theme: Intrigue

4) I linked the photo to the website, because the intriguing part about this piece of work is that because it is three layered paintings  made with the secondary colors of light, the effect is shown when a certain colored light is used. The designer did this so that when the primary colors of light was to hit the paintings, it would use subtractive characteristics in order to drown out the secondary colors  and have only the painting painted with the complimentary color show up, it’s rather ingenious. I love the way that even though the detail in the art is so intricate, it’s the lighting that completely transforms the art and really creates it. Each new primary color of lighting tells it’s own unique story and gives it’s own mood, along with the actual painting. Green feels more like nature, especially with all the furry, forest animals in the art, red really feels more dangerous with venomous and deadly creatures in the art, while the blue gives a sense of wonder with the huge amount of bugs.