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Photo Observation


3. Spooky

4. The only light seen in this photo is backlight coming from the end of the hallway behind the figure. When there is a smaller amount of light in a room than usual, it gives the space a spookier feel to it. This photo emphasizes that concept by masking the features of the person through a single back light and no light in front of the person.

Photo Observation #7


  2. Single Source/Single Subject
  3. I really liked this photo because it adds a lot of mystery. There’s backlight shining on this girl. We really don’t get any details about her or who she is. It’s a very simple photo but yet it still has a lot to say and I really like that. I also like that there’s not a lot of the light shining to begin with which really tightens up what we can see in the photo.


Photo Credit: Myself

I took this photo in Kings Park, NY last semester with a group of friends.

Description: This image is lit with a single backlight in the form of daylight coming in through a broken window, contrasted with strong darkness surrounding the silhouette, the only things visible are directly in front of the light source, otherwise completely lost in the darkness.


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 1.01.32 AM