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Photo Observation #2: College Student’s Night Light Night Life


My roommate, the lovely Kayla Bickel, took this photo. She was excited after getting her new camera and was testing it out by photographing things in the room last week.

This photo was taken at night in my dorm room, and it is the lighting that best represents my own night life.

The little fireflies of color in the room guide me into sleep most nights. They shine with life in the dark right before I close my eyes. They are calming and soothing. The soft small lights are anything but imposing. They do not blind or clash with their surroundings. Instead, they mesmerize and encourage forgetfulness of worldly cares. These little spread of rainbow lights on the wall can open one’s eyes to other worlds. They give comfort like a warm little candle in the cold dark night, and, with their bright glow contrasting against the surrounding dark, they gently whisper that those who see them are safe. They could instantly be a child’s favorite night light for protection from the beasts of the darkness because of their pretty hues that are apt to bring smiles of delight. Thus, these orbs, these gems, that hang in the room at night are easily declared this college student’s night light, a vital part of my night life. In addition, the lights, themselves, only breathe and sing their soothing songs of color at night and could be considered to have a night life.

Lighting Observation #6 – Christmas Tree

1. 12/11/13 at around 7:00 p.m. in my living room.

2. A tall green evergreen tree with multi-colored lights, ribbons, ornaments and a star on top.

3. The highlight of the Christmas season is when I see my family’s beautiful Christmas tree shining for the first time. The tree is always covered with twinkling rope lights. The tree sparkles with colors varying from reds, yellows, greens, violets, golds, silvers, and pinks. These colors reflected off the glimmering silver tinsel which is wrapped around the lush branches. The ornaments dangle and complement the vibrant colors of the blinking lights. The star atop the tree is really a sight to see. It glows a wonderful shining gold that truly encompasses the natural beauty of the tree.

Photo Observation #8: Dealer’s Choice

  1. PICTURE-045-CURVES-CE-800x600
  2. Theme: Dealer’s Choice
  3. I’ve found myself walking late at night lately. Strangely, I have discovered comfort in loneliness which feels funny to say, but is completely legitimate. This photo really captures that emotion for me. The benches are barren, the cobbled street deserted except for this bright light that casts itself against the shadows of the stone. The light provides comfort to the emptiness of the street, but does not replace that which is not there. The loneliness is still present, yet, the light creates a warmth that one gets when they are told by a close friend, “Everything is going to be ok.” This picture has a melancholy beauty because of the light and how it fills the darkness without overpowering it, nor taking over. It is a perfect mixture between light and dark that works together, in opposition of how light and dark is usually depicted as fighting each other.  In this case, they coexist. The light gently lays it’s rays across the bricks and stone, and the darkness accepts it, allowing the light to  melt into it’s creases and edges, until it slowly dissolves. What is most intriguing is how a peaceful emotion can be created in such dark light. I am interested in how to create this same light and effect on the stage, because I think it is an extremely powerful image.

Photo Observation #11 – Christmas Web of Lies!

Theme: Unreal

Description: I love Christmas so much. The cookies, the gifts, the love. It is all so wonderful. When I was younger however, there was one Christmas that I will remember as the “Christmas of LIES”. It was the worst Christmas ever. It was the Christmas of 2003. My parents had been fighting the entire month and I just wanted Christmas to come quickly. I asked my dad everyday when we could put the lights up and he would always put it towards another day. I loved hanging lights, because the lights brought joy and wonder to the house. (Also we had better lights than my arch nemesis, Kevin, across the street and I would always make sure he knew!) It was finally Christmas Eve and everyone had their lights u except for us! I was so upset. All I wanted was Christmas joy. That apparently was too much for me however. This picture reminds me of what my house should have looked like back then. It should have been of web of light that could be seen from outer-space, yet gentle enough to be close to. All the colors are working in harmony to compliment each other and bring out the best that each color has to offer. The green is especially my favorite, because it brings the most Christmas joy, true scientific fact. I love how you can even see the detail of rain on the brick walkway. It is illuminating from the wondrous Christmas lights. It is perfect. This is what my Christmas should have been. Since it never happened, this is truly unreal. How depressing, I know.

Lighting Observations 3.2

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 2/11/12 – 11:53 – Just outside white “bubble” next to uslesspan on north campus.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking to the soccer field at around noon on saturday. The sun was breaking up the clouds and reflecting off the white bubble just off the unispan by the football field.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: My cousin was playing lacrosse at over the weekend. She goes to UCONN and lives in Philadelphia, so I hardly ever get to see her. I was very bummed when I woke up to see that the weather was not very nice and that it was so cloudy and snowy on the one day that her and my aunt and uncle were in town. Despite the cold weather and cloudy haze I put on many coats and my boots and headed out the door to go and meet them. I was walking on the North side of campus on the elevated road above the white “bubble” at the edge of campus. I was briskly walking to meet them at the field with my Starbucks sloshing around in my cup.

As I turned the corner and walked parallel to the bubble I realized that it had finally stopped snowing and it actually wasn’t that cold out. I looked up and the sun was actually starting to burn through the clouds and shine onto the sidewalk. The sky had been very dark, gray and threatening all morning. this was the first variation and contrast I had seen in the sky all day. For about the next thirty seconds the clouds continued to thin and eventually part. The intensity of the sun increased dramatically and the light shining through went from a deep gray to a warm and intense golden white. The hole in the clouds had a skewed triangular shape and was still not a huge spot in the sky. All around the spot the sky remained dark and colorless. After another fifteen seconds or so there was another break just below the first. As I looked up there were now two brilliant spots in the sky surrounded completely on all sides with the darkness of the snowy clouds. As the two spots grew to their maximum intensity my eyes shifted their focus to the bubble. this pure white mass was catching all of the yellow light in the sky and casting a blanked of golden rays across the bubble. The white of the bubble reflected all of that golden light as it was the most intense and colorful source of illumination in the sky. I was thrilled that I was looking up to see this beautiful moment of the golden parts in the sky illuminating the bubble and creating a cold and warm color contrast with each other and then I realized that the weather was perfect and just as I arrived on the field, my cousin scored the second goal of the game.