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Light Observation #7

1.March 15th, inside the Student Center Theater.

2. Sitting in the theater I was prepared to watch the 1-3rd monologues with a few friends. The lighting was either all off for blackout, or horrible led lighting above the actors which did nothing to help see their faces. However there was a moment a bed was laid out, and all the lights went out except for a single amber bean that spread across it.

3. Some relate bed to safety and home, a place where you can’t be hurt. But when I see a room and there is only led’s and harsh white light on it; I don’t even feel the bed is sacred, that it is more of a place blinded than a place safe. However with the low light of the amber on a bed it becomes some place warm, cozy, a place to relax. It made me want to just be comfortable and safe in my bed and not worry at all about anything at all.

Light Observation #9

  1. Wednesday, April 5 at 11:45pm in my bed in my dorm.
  2. It was completely dark out and all the lights in my room were off except the twinkle lights that hang on the wall around my bed.
  3. The hundred miniature dots of yellowish white light each give off their own faint glow and reflect off the white painted wall and the copper wire they are connected by. The lights very softly illuminate the room while the string of tiny bulbs creates a soft border around me and keeps me safe and secure as I drift off to sleep in the warm and comfortable ambiance.

Photo Observation


Photograph taken by Erik Johansson

3. Surreal

4. This photograph brings outside nature into one’s home. The photo makes it seem as though the two worlds seamlessly blend together. The lighting in the room is produced by a bedside lamp as well as the moon inside the bedroom. The natural and artificial light being within the same room, but lighting different landscapes created a surreal feeling of the photograph.