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Light Observation #10

  1. Saturday, April 8 at 7:40pm standing outside the Netherlands Core.
  2. It was just starting to get dark outside, so the yellowish lampposts and dorm room windows stood out against the deep blue sky as what seemed like thousands of crows were swarming overhead.
  3. As the sun began to set, two separate, coexisting worlds became apparent: the warm glow of dorm rooms where students were hanging out with friends or staying in for the night getting things done and the cool, ominous deep blue mass of sky that enclosed the cold night air. Both worlds were full of life, be it a calm relaxing portrayal of human life or a gloomy, surreal portrait of bird life.



3. Sunset/Sunrise

4. The positioning of the bird’s nest frames the sun to enhance the sunrise. The colors of the sky caused by the sun combined with the birds making their nest remind me of spring and give the impression of warmth.  The way the plant below and next to the nest appear to be blowing in the wind.  The overall sense of the photo is warmth near the coast.