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Photo Observation

  2. Shadows
  3. Shadows can be a mystery like the last theme. It helps us open our mind with imagination because you can look at a shadow and think of the many things it can be. Everyone perceives something different. What I like about this photo is you can see the object but the shadow reflects something different. A circle with a shadow heart, two different shapes but the same object depending on the angle and lighting. Shadows are interesting and it is an art because you can create different shapes and play around with just a simple object.

Lighting Observation #11: The Sun Hitting a Fence and the Pathway that emerges

4/18/16 – 8:30am – Outside Colonial Square on Path Towards Student Center

The morning sun shines through the temporary black plastic fencing lining the sidewalk. It casts a shadow across the width of the sidewalk making it patterned with oval-ish shapes.

When one stared at the lighting and pathway too much, the shadow and light on the sidewalk had this hypnotic feel. It was mesmerizing and was dizzying to look at it. The lighting that cast this shadow made the path feel like it belonged in Alice in Wonderland since the path looked like it was trying to be an optical illusion. The intensity of the morning light made the shadow dark and the light that shined through to hit the pavement bright; there was a sharp distinction between light and shadow just like the colors had been black and white instead of black and golden lit grey-tan pavement. The lighting moment and mysterious effect on the path would not have been the same without this intensity. The stark contrast created made it seem like this pathway must be leading to some sort of black and white timeless dimension. The shape of the holes in the fence made the spots of bright light on the sidewalk curious ovals. In my mind, the path swirled for some reason due to the pattern cast upon it. It was like a moiré effect. Walking across it was like being on a boat. The mood that the lighting created was surreal.

Photo Observation #10



3) Theme: Storm’s Brewing

4) When I saw this picture, I immediately thought it was appropriate for this week’s theme. The really like the way the picture is in black and white because looking at it reminds me, that something bad is going to happen and the picture being in black and white creates a dismal feel to the photo. The way the clouds are formed in a circle and the bright light in the middle tells me that it is windy outside and a storm is coming. There is a feeling of scariness and loneliness in this picture. The empty road signifies that everyone has packed up and left in hopes to escape the storm.