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lighting observation #5

Date: 03/02/17, my dorm room windows, 5:00pm

Objective description: Sunset rays coming through my semi-closed blinds in the window in my dorm, reflecting of the blinds shiny surface.

Subjective description: As the sun retired for another night, the burnt orange rays pushed through the slits in my blinds. The force of the light coming through caused the blinds to glow orange and red as if burning from extreme heat, a radiator of the burning sun.

Light Observation #2

  1. Thursday, February 9 at 12:30pm sitting in my bed in Hague house in the Netherlands Complex.
  2. The lights in my room were off and the blinds on the window were shut, but the bright white light from the snowy scene outside shone through and lit up the room.
  3. I woke up to find that the midday sun was shining brightly, enjoying itself and having fun bouncing around in the newly snow-covered world. Its happiness was contagious as the sun reached through my blinds, saturating my room with a bright white glow. My sleepy eyes adjusted as the vivid colors of my room were illuminated by the cheerfulness of a new day.

Lighting Observation 1

1) Thursday 1/30/14, 7:41 AM, my dorm room

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: At the back wall of our dorm room, there is a window which looks out to Oak Street. This morning, the light from the newly risen sun was streaming in through the blinds.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: As I looked at the window, I noticed a bright white light streaming in through between the blinds. The light stretched its fingers across the floor, creating a magnificent piece of artwork on the stained blue carpet on the floor. The light appeared pure white, like the color of a freshly fallen snow. To wake up to this beautiful image was a sign that today was going to be a good day.

Light Observation #1: Headlights Through the Blinds

1. Wednesday February 1, 2012 at about 3:15 AM.  I was in my room in Liberty Hall—the bottom floor, with a window facing Oak Street.

2. The light was a combination of three sources: The amber glow of Hofstra’s lamps,  The halogen streetlights on Oak Street, and the headlights of cars passing by.  All of these lights came through my window, broken up by the venetian blinds half-closed.

3. Your dorm room at 3:15 AM is not where you would expect to be experiencing a moment with light.  My room remains rather bright for three hours past midnight.  The blinds are old and bent, and don’t close all of the way.  They don’t exactly do a great job of blinding.  It isn’t exactly foggy, but weather is moving in, and diffusing the light from the lamps around the building.  The result is an amber glow filling my dorm, broken into even bars across the room.  The passing headlights reach the inside of my room for only a moment, then gone.  A flash of white—and gone.  It’s late, the cars are rather infrequent, but occasionally there will suddenly be a group.  One.  Two.  Three.  As the cars pass headed North, white bars race across my wall above my head.  The moment passes.  These headlights return me to my room at home—with a room on the corner and windows facing the street, that same light show would play above my head as I fell asleep every night.  A flash of light.  The moment passes.  And gone.


“Sad” Photo Observation


2) Google

3) THEME: Sad

4) DESCRIPTION: This photo fells very depressing to me. Not only are the colors very subdued, but the lights streaming through the blinds appear to be coming from a car driving past on a very dark day. It is a small glimpse into this girls dark and dreary world.

1st Light Observation Week 3

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 02/15/11 6pm my dorm room

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Light from the sun coming through the leaves and the blinds

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: With the sun first coming through the leaves before the blinds, it made the lines from the blinds shadow to appear blured. Also as the leaves moved back and forth outside in the wind the small stream of light seemed to move across the floor much like a wave rolling in the ocean.