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Lighting Ob #10

  1. 4/20/2016, 9:47pm, Netherlands North Courtyard
  2. Objective: The main source of light is coming from the lampposts outside of each house. There is a little light coming from students’ windows.
  3. Subjective: Walking through the courtyard at night always feels like one of the skeevy night scenes from a really bad movie. The only light given are these foggy, orange bulbs that give off an unwelcoming feeling. That being said they don’t provide much actual light while they’re at it.

Lighting Observation #11

1. 4/22/14 at around 11:30 at my friend Anthony’s house.

2. Christmas lights hung around his pitch black room. One strand is colored. The other sides of his room are completely dark.

3. Recently my friend moved into a new place that has quite a few problems. One of them being that most of the light blubs were burnt out. Because of this, his room gets shrouded in darkness at night. To eliminate some of the darkness, he uses two long strands of Christmas lights. Two sides of the room is illuminated with a row of colored lights that leave small traces of color on the wall. They leave the wall lit with faint reds, bright yellows, rich greens, brilliant blues, and soft pinks. They occasionally flicker leaving a small portion of the wall in darkness. However, these dimmed lights strikingly light up half of his room very well.  These shining lights are a beauty to look at, with their faint twinkle that brighten the black of the night. We almost don’t want regular lights in his room.