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Photo Observation

Photo taken by me


The harsh sunlight brightly washes over the scene.  The colors of the flowers stand bright with the fun reflections of the pin reminding me of the place I always go in the summer.  A mini golfing place right down the street to me has the same wooden boundaries with brightly colored flowers and little metallic pinwheels.  There’s something really fun about the pinwheel, it’s a cheesy addition to the beauty of nature right next to it.

Light Observation 15

1) April 16, ~11:00PM, by Constitution

2) Several white lampposts

3) This will catch me up on lighting moments.

I was walking back from the Hammer Lab after doing my light lab project and still had lighting on the brain. Because the weather has been nicer, I was able to observe my surrounding during my walk rather than protecting my face from the elements, be it rain, snow, or wind. I noticed that the lamps on the lampposts were particularly white, and they seemed somehow shorter or closer to me than usual. Although the elevation on campus is varied, I felt like the lights existed on their own plane. It felt strangely like I was observing a fairy world, where all the lights were laughing little fairy houses in the wilderness.

Lighting Observation #12

1.) Thursday Mar. 10 2011, 2:45 P.M. Outside the Student Cetner.

2.) The bleak light through the clouds.

3.) Thankfully I’m in a great mood today, or the lighting outside would depress the hell out of me. Walking back to my room this afternoon, I realized that the light was completely dispersed by the clouds, and since it was to early for any kind of artificial lights to be on, there was an empty feeling in the air because of the total lack of visible light source. It was just kind of a grey glow that I associate with depression and sadness. The all-0ver, unfocused nature of the light made everything look flatter since there was no really visible natural modeling. The whole campus felt bleak.