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Single Light From a Light Post Through Snow

  1. Location: Hofstra Parking Lot behind Hofstra USA, March 13, 2017 at 12:01 a.m.
  2. Objective: The light post is gleaming through the snow on top of me. There is nothing around me but a light flurry of snow. Only myself and the yellow-white light above is shown.
  3. Subjective: This light shows how isolating a snow storm can be at a university. Usually, when class is cancelled because of a storm, I have stay inside in order to keep out the cold. However, I usually will get tired of my isolation and venture out into the tundra. I believe that this light shows the possibility that there is something out there besides ice and snow.

Photo Observation #1


1) 4:37 PM, December 30th 2013. Photo taken by me from the backseat of a car while driving near Mt. Fuji.

2) Sunset

3) As the road gets darker by the minute, the blinding rays of sunlight pours into the car brightening up the place as if it is wringing out the last bit of energy before disappearing. In contrast to the cloudy sky and blurred silhouette of mountains in the right window, the setting sun is not only bright and powerful but also serene like the moment of silence.

Light Observation #8 – Dude, Look At My Car!

March 21st – 12:30AM – NAB parking lot

I was walking with Meaghan back to my car. When I hit the unlock button on my clicker, the yellow headlights illuminated in the fog.

Once again, I was helping out Meaghan with her directing scene. After a funny night of playing around with the scene, we decided to call it a night. We thought it was a wonderful idea to go to Dutch treats to get a late night snack, so we started to walk towards my car which was parked near the NAB. As I reached in my pocket, I pressed the unlock door button and the foggy air in front of us was filled with the yellow light. I immediately shouted, “Lighting moment”! I loved how the fog made the yellow light feel infinite and limitless, yet still gave a feeling that kept me alert. The problem was, that I wanted to get a picture of the lighting moment but my lights wouldn’t go off anymore. I then thought it was a better idea to turn on my car alarm at 12:30 in the morning for a photo shoot on my car in the fog. I really do have wonderful ideas. The yellow light flickered in the fog and I could see the light trail from my headlight, outward. I could see the particles midair in the light much clearer. The light reminded me of the prison spotlights. The yellow was very protruding on the eyes, like if a spotlight was on me. Anyways we went to Dutch Treats; I got a ham sandwich on wheat with mozzarella and fat free mayo. It was wonderful. And no one bothered to think twice than my car was being stolen…..

Lighting Observation

1) 3-30-2011, outside Lowe, 2:00 AM

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Other than lamps, there is no lighting outside. A single car sits by itself in the distance. When it’s unlocked, the car lights up, spilling some light on to the ground and the pole in front of it.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The car lighting feels safe. I almost want to run to the car, feeling like the lamps aren’t providing protection from whatever is out here at 2 AM.

Beja Light Observation:

Date, Time, Location: Tuesday March 22nd, 2011; 6:10 PMish, driving home from work

Objective Description: driving away from sunset, with raindrops drying on my side view mirror.

Subjective Description: on my journey home from a splendid day of work, I noticed the sunset. It was any usual sunset fading from blue to orange to pink, but it had an extra tint of orange through the mirror. Also the drying raindrops accentuated some spots in the colors, bringing out those colors in the sky. This gave a peaceful effect with an added joyfully spontaneous feeling


Photo Observation 4

2) I took this photo at a car show.

3) Theme: Modeling

4) I chose this picture for modeling because I really liked how the light shines on the car to show off all of its curves.  I found it interesting how these kinds of events are lit because the light is really bright so that you can see the cars shine in their perfection and beauty.  It seems contradictory because normally you would use lower light to hide imperfection but in this case they are trying to show off all of the fancy curves and overall flow of the cars.  I picked this car in particular because of its numerous amounts of curves and the particular glimmers of light that reflect off the car to expose these individual curves.  When I looked at this picture I immediately thought of how a cylinder is lit and how, like we discussed in class curved surfaces reflect light in a very specific way so that we can identify it is 3D even in a 2D picture.  The other thing I found interesting about this picture is that the hood is a consistent color, white for that matter and the light is really bright. (Minimal shadows)  Despite these factors you can still see that there is dimension to the hood and there are curves within it.  It  seems to me that the highlights of light on the car are making the car seem 3D rather than the shodows.