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Lighting Observation #10 Seagulls In the Heavens of the Ceiling

9 April 2016-1:40pm-American Museum of Natural History

The light shines from behind one of the mounted seagulls near the ceiling of the one dinosaur room. The light catches the feathers on the edge of the right wing.

The lighting backlit the right wing like a glow from the heavens. It made the wing seem slightly transparent as the light seeped through certain spots of the feathers. The light despite its size emitted an intense light that highlighted the wing brilliantly. It is a bright light emphasizing the might of this seagulls wing. It is empowering light that has a feeling of bravery and nobility to it. It comes from the sky, it shows off this seagull’s wing, and it is golden-ish white. emboldening, brave, mighty, empowering, the light just seemed to sing heartily that this wing is powerful. It is the light of the heavens, of the brave, and of the celestial. The backlighting quality of this light really sells it home that it is a heavenly. The like of which might be found in paintings and other artwork throughout time to indicate holiness and sacredness. The lighting felt like it was empowering and giving strength even if this strength came only in the form of attention.

Photo Observation – Max Cerci

1) 4/20/14 2:00pm @ My Grandmother’s House

2) The fluorescent color of the ceiling light being affected by the fan just below it.

3) I always thought that it was strange the way the lights in the ceiling were directly over the ceiling fan as if the fan was an afterthought. I finally realized why they usually but the lights as part of the fan, below the propellers when I felt myself getting annoyed by the constant shadows of the fans propellers passing the light and creating an almost rhythmic appearance of a shadow. At first I was very excited about this lighting moment but found it to get extremely annoying after a few minutes.