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photo observation – 3spooky5me

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Theme: Spooky
Description: Gonna be honest here, I asked myself “what’s spooky?” and my answer to myself was “cemeteries” so I googled that, and found this. I like the lighting a lot, cause the shadows really stretch along the ground in different angles due to the curvature of the 8mm camera lens, but it’s all coming from a single light source. It makes it look pretty surreal and cool and honestly spooky.

Photo Observation 6


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Theme: shadow

Description: This photo is of a cemetery, something that is already creepy to begin with, but is even creepier with the shadows cast by the uniform crosses. The light source in this photo seems far away, which makes this photo feel sad, like hope is also far away. The shadows are elongated and the crosses are silhouetted, making the photo seem dark and gloomy. The fact that all of the crosses are the same and all cast a similar shadow makes it seem like the cemetery can go on and on forever, like there is no end to this somber setting. Also because there is snow on the ground, the value of the light is clearly noticeable. The lightest value starting from the top is clearly where the light source is, and it slowly blends perfectly to the darkest point which is at the bottom of the photo. This photo has an overall feel of creepy and melancholy which is emphasized through the placement of the light and the creation of shadows.